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Hello, my namesake :)
And not the namesake, come in!
Order to yourself or to your friend Dima a unique email address surname@di.ma
And anything superfluous!

Hosting is also available.

Nice web interface from Google, pop3, smtp, imap. 7 Gb free space

The prices? Ridiculous!

For an email box (7 Gb): 2 USD in a month, 10 for six month, 15 for an year.
Site hosting (100 Mb): 4 USD in a month, 20 for six month, 30 for an year.

Wanna aliases? More space? Any other questions?
Write me, Dmitry or Dima! We'll find a compromisse!

Hurry up!
Or your e-mail will be sold!

Dima! Dmitry!

Поговорим об именах...

p.s. Bonus!
Bring me your friend, aud you'll receive third of the paid term to itself (2 months if he will order half-year; 4 months, if year)
Hmmm. And if you bring me three friends - you can use your email for free ;)

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p.p.s. Special offer:
For those who want not to get to itself an email box at my server, but still wants unique @di.ma address (or 15 USD is very much for him).
For 5 USD in a year you can get the web-forwarding on any your already existing mail.
All your letters, sended on @di.ma, will be forwarded to your email on other server (@msn.com, @yahoo.com etc).

Яндекс цитирования

And did you know, that there is a province in Spain, named Dima, Viscaya. ;)